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Portland Music Awards hit high notes with reporter-musician

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Jay Haser.

He is what Portland music is all about.

As the bassist for songstress Debra Arlyn, Haser bobbed and bounced to the music when on stage at the second annual Portland Music Awards last week. Debra Arlyn, seated at the piano, gave Alicia Keys a run for her niche – flawless, pouncing on high notes; whispering soulful low notes.

But it was the look on Haser’s face at the opposite end of the stage during the four-minute performance that sold me. He looked so genuinely happy playing bass.

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Congratulations Music Spectator!

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

After that slow-moving trainwreck that was the Portland Music Awards, it was decided that we should probably cease making fun of Craig Marquardo and his narcissistic voyage into insanity (and bad musical choices), Music Spectator magazine (“The Magazine for the Portland Music Scene”).

Now that the magazine has returned from its extended hiatus, Marquardo is back to releasing this absolutely baffling rag with regularity, even declaring it the “2nd largest magazine in Portland,” a statement which is most likely as truthful as his comments about his “oldest friend” Sting (“I plan to spend some time with my friend Sting… We have been friends for 20 years”). But when dealing with the Smashmouth-soundtracked nonstop spiral of delusion that is Music Spectator, it’s best not to question how a magazine with 5-6 ads (a few of which are most likely trades) can support a supposed 50,000 circulation.

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